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[1] What is Infrared Thermographic Imaging System?

Detecting the minute infrared rays radiated from patient's body, IRIS-5000 processes that signal to the digital color thermographic images which help you diagnose the patient's invisible pains and abnormal physiological states.

IRIS-5000 is a new imaging modality to show physiological change and metabolic processes, and a very useful complementary procedure to other diagnostic tools (MRI, CT, Ultrasound, X-ray).

[2] Characteristics

• Detects abnormalities in normal physiology
• An objective measure to assess and diagnose pain
• Determine the progress after treatment
• Non-invasive(no-radiation), no-pain

[3] Difference from Other Diagnostic Imaging System

X-ray, Ultrasound, CT (Anatomical)
Thermography (functional)
 · Mechanical
 · Structure
 · metabolism
 · temperature changes
 · Autonomic nervous system

[4] Diagnostic Accuracy for clinical symptoms

Thermography has very close correlations with other conventional Diagnostic tools. And it has the highest Correlation rate with symptoms as 93% in aspect of the diagnostic accuracy.

[5] Sample Images

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