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The Exterior View Inspection means visual inspection of system exterior to check if there is any damaged, replaced, or missing part. Based on the inspection result, our engineers replaced the damaged or missing parts and if the replacement is not available, the problem point will be recorded on the Quality Certification Sheet.

Each system has 50 to 200 different functions per specialty and model. It tests all functions of each system by changing of various conditions if all functions are working properly. By this test, our engineers verify the Hardware or Software problems of system and upgrade or repair the system for maximum performance.
System safety test performs all safety standard test items required by CE-marketing, or FDA.
To prevent all possible system failure, all systems need to pass the Burn-In Test after above inspection and test. This test includes 48 hours Burn-In and Vibration test to check all possible failure.
All systems will be verified by experienced and qualified Clinical pecialists for Clinical Grade and any systems failed during the Clinical Inspection won't be introduced to the BuySono.
All systems' quality inspection and test results from 1. to 5. will be open to all customers and we are sure it will give confidence to your purchase and further medical equipment business environment.

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